Your Phantom Car can be customized to your specifications using model year, model type and original color codes. Just fill in the details below and we will send you a quote.

Car Configuration

Artwork Configuration

Pricing, Payment, Shipping

  • Pricing
    Depending on the artwork’s size and mounting option chosen, prices are ranging between $450 for a C-type print and $1750 for a C-type print mounted behind Acrylic Glass and set in an Aluminum Frame. You can find a detailed description of the printing and mounting options here below.

  • Payment
    Once we have received your filled-out form with your chosen specifications we will respond with a detailed quotation. Should you decide to proceed and purchase the artwork we will provide our banking details and upon receipt of payment will produce the artwork.

  • Shipping
    The artwork is usually shipped within 10-14 days to your door. Shipping fees range between $50 for destinations within Europe, $150 for shipping to the US, and $300 for the most common overseas destinations.

Printing & Mounting Options

  • Chromogenic (C-type) print on Kodak Endura paper
    The combination of modern exposure technology and traditional development ensures high-quality, authentic gallery prints. The Kodak Endura paper assures 100-year colourfastness.
  • Chromogenic (C-type) print under acrylic glass
    The print is mounted on an Aluminum Dibond board and then sealed under 4mm (smaller formats) or 6mm (larger formats) of acrylic glass, giving the image depth and brilliance as well as protection against UV rays. It comes with a pre-mounted hanging system. All you need is 2 screws or hooks on your wall.
  • Chromogenic (C-type) print under acrylic glass in an aluminium frame 
    The print is mounted on an aluminium Dibond board and then sealed under 4mm (smaller formats) or 6mm (larger formats) of acrylic glass. Then fitted into an aluminium frame leaving a shadow gap between the frame and the acrylic glass. This mounting option turns your picture into a sculptural object. The picture seems to be floating in the frame.

If you are interested in alternative sizes, paper and framing options, please get in touch with us via email so we can let you know what is possible and quote you on the production and delivery costs.

Please note that we print in centimeters. The exact sizes in inches converted from the original metric sizes are as follows:

144 x 81 cm = 57 x 32”
112 x 63 cm = 44 x 25”
80 x 45 cm = 32 x 18”